Innovative Interior Customizations For Humvees

A fusion of military might and urban sophistication, the custom Humvee is an incredible sight to behold. From black rhino wheels and durable soft tops to interior luxuries, the transformation from military machine to street-legal beast is a meticulous process.

With the right Humvee Interior customizations, you can elevate comfort and style, while potentially increasing your vehicle’s resale value.

humveeSeat Upgrades

The seating in a Humvee is one of the most important areas to upgrade for comfort. Many buyers choose to go with seat upgrades made from leather or other materials that offer a combination of durability and style. These upgrades are available in a variety of colors and patterns so that you can choose the style that best reflects your taste.

Another popular interior customization is to install a modern-looking dashboard. A company offers a variety of options for these modifications, including custom consoles, panel trim, and more. They can also add features like air conditioning, cooling fans, and power outlets. The result is a sleek, comfortable, and functional vehicle that is well-suited for the everyday use of the vehicle.

Other popular interior upgrades for Humvees include custom storage solutions and multimedia systems. These can provide convenience and entertainment during long drives, as well as extra space for outdoor gear. Some of these options can even help improve the safety and security of the vehicle.

Regardless of your reason for wanting to customize the interior of your Humvee, it is important to work with experienced professionals. This will ensure that the modifications are done correctly and will last for a long time. It is also possible that these upgrades will increase the resale value of your vehicle in the future.

Whether you’re looking for an innovative interior customization to make your Humvee more stylish or more practical, there are plenty of options available. From seating upgrades and dashboard modifications to floor mats and liners, these upgrades can make a huge difference in both the appearance and functionality of your vehicle. They can also protect the interior from dirt and mud, which is especially helpful if you plan on using your Humvee for off-roading or other adventures.

Dashboard Modifications

The most common Humvee modifications are seat upgrades for comfort and a modern dashboard. Other popular upgrades include adding storage solutions to store gear and incorporating personalized elements that reflect your style and taste. If you want to take your vehicle customizations to the next level, consider a suspension upgrade and other performance features.

These rugged vehicles are designed to be efficient and get the job done without compromising safety. However, the design is not without its limitations. While the engines are powerful enough to go off-roading, they are often noisy and lack many conveniences like air conditioning systems.

To make the Humvee more comfortable and useful for its drivers, the 820th Security Forces Group installed several interior changes to its vehicles. For example, the seatbelts were upgraded to separate into individual straps that won’t catch on an Airman’s gear if they need to exit quickly in the event of a crash or explosion. The doors also feature an interior layer of foam that absorbs energy in the event of a blast or impact.

Another popular upgrade is a speedometer gauge. While it may seem simple, this small modification can significantly increase the driver’s confidence and efficiency on the road. The gauge mounts to the center bezel, and it’s easy to install in your HMMWV using a mounting kit. The gauge is available in several different styles, including round and digital. Just be sure to double-check the fitment before ordering, as your speedometer must fit properly.

Some Humvee owners also choose to add a custom-built roll cage, which is a good way to protect passengers in the event of a crash or impact. This can be an expensive upgrade, but it can provide peace of mind and increase the resale value of your vehicle.

If you’re interested in enhancing the functionality of your military vehicle, Federal Military Parts has a large selection of innovative interior upgrades for HMMWVs. Our products include control switch panels to help you easily access your vehicle lights, secure locking systems for valuables and weapons, and cooling fans for hot days on the road.

Floor Mats & Liners

Floor mats are an easy way to add a touch of style to your Humvee while offering some level of protection. Most floor mats are crafted from carpet, but some can be made of rubber or other polymer materials. Whether they’re made of carpet or rubber, these floor mats provide moderate protection against snow, mud, dirt, and moisture. Often, they’re custom-molded to the specific floor of your vehicle for an unbeatable fit. Some floor mats can even be cut to make them the perfect size for your truck’s footwell.

Another way to keep your interior clean and looking good is by adding liners. While they offer a similar level of protection as floor mats, liners typically have more grooves and ridges built into them. These ridges and channels guide fluids like water, mud, or spilled coffee into a lower reservoir where they can be easily cleaned up without damaging your original cabin floors. Some liners also feature lip-like edges that prevent them from sinking into your original floor’s surface area.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a liner is its fit. Some liners are designed to be universal, meaning they can be used in multiple vehicles. However, others are laser-measured to ensure a perfect fit for your specific car or truck model. If a liner isn’t a precise fit, it may have excess material at the edges that you can trim off with scissors or a razor blade.

For a premium floor liner option, look for options from liners that are made from high-quality polymers that are highly resistant to damage and can be molded to cover any part of your truck’s floor. They’re also extremely durable and easy to clean. Some liners are also made with a specialized non-stick coating that makes them easy to remove from the bottom of your shoes without leaving residue. They’re also resistant to temperatures, meaning they won’t shrink or expand when exposed to hot or cold conditions. In addition, some liners have built-in nibs that help them stay in place under your pedals to prevent slippage while driving or when pressing the brake or gas pedal.

The original Hummer was designed with rugged looks that evoked military vehicles. This vehicle was meant to be a symbol of early 21st-century excess and the desire for larger-than-life vehicles. However, it also had off-road capabilities that made it suitable for adventurous excursions. The vehicle remained in production until 2009 when it was discontinued due to declining demand and increasing fuel costs. It has since become a collector’s item and continues to inspire modifications that are reminiscent of its off-road capabilities.

The body kits are sold as kits that customers assemble and affix to their chassis. The company alleges that the body kits and related marketing infringe and dilute its Hummer trademarks and trade dress. It seeks injunctive relief, damages, costs, and attorney’s fees.

The company contends that the features incorporated into its registered trade dress, which includes specific design elements such as rectangular doors, high belt line, upstanding windshield with the split in the center, the vented power dome configuration, running lights on the side of the vehicle and front hood latch hooks, are functional and unique to Hummer. It counters that these features are not functional and that they are shared by many military-style vehicles in general.

Although the wagon, hard top, and soft top models do resemble Hummer trade dress because of their square bodies, flat roofs, split windows, and a grille that evokes a Hummer look, they are not as similar as alleged by the company. In addition, their slant back and combat models do not strongly resemble Hummer trade dress because they lack doors and roofs making them more dune buggy-esque in appearance.

Moreover, several photos exhibited companies of full-size SUVs including the Hummer H2 demonstrate that these features are not unique to the Hummer and are shared by other military-style vehicles. Therefore, the Court finds that the company has not met its burden of showing that it has not infringed on its Hummer trade dress.